Wi-Fi Electric Curtain Track

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    Wi-Fi Electric Curtain Track

    In order to purchase this device, please contact the seller:

    Karim Haiba,
    Export Manager
    +48 573 208 343

    The WiFi Electric Curtain Track allows you to conveniently control your curtains with your smartphone or a dedicated remote control. With the app on your phone, you can also set a schedule for his movements.

    Rated torque
    1.2 Nm
    Rated voltage
    AC100V ~ 240V 50Hz / 60Hz
    Class / Power
    Operating Temperature
    0 - 40 st C
    Maximum Ambient Humidity
    Remote control included
    Requires Appartme Sensor Gateway device:
    Instruction manual included
    24 months
    Electric drive
    Control method
    Appartme app, Remote Control, Manual (pulling the curtains
    Minimum length
    150 cm
    Maximum length
    292 cm
    Pamiętaj, jeśli zakupiłeś system Appartme w Murapol, możesz skorzystać z oferty
    montażu urządzeń dodatkowych za darmo przy okazji instalacji systemu.
    Uwaga! Promocja nie łączy się z innymi akcjami promocyjnymi, w tym z rabatami konsumenckimi.
    Dowiedz się więcej pod adresem support@appartme.pl lub pod numrem telefonu 573 208 347


    Easy to use

    • Free Appartme app - you can open and close curtains in your home from any place with Internet access. The app also allows you to set a schedule, according to which the curtains will automatically change positions at set times and days.

    • Wireless remote control - the included remote will come in handy when you don't have your phone or just want to quickly reposition your curtains.


    Two modes of operation

    The WiFi Electric Curtain Track has two modes - pulling the curtain apart in one direction, or in two opposite directions. The device is completely safe as the built-in system will stop the motor when it detects an obstacle in its path. The Appartme Curtain Track also remembers the last position for opened and closed curtains, so it is able to automatically go back to the previous state.

    Easy installation

    The device is designed for self-assembly. The process is simple and clear instructions will get you through the process quickly and efficiently. You'll also find 16 adapters in the set so you can easily attach pincer clips to hang your curtains (pincer clips not included).

    Comfort comes first

    Do you like the idea of opening and closing the curtains while lying in bed? Or have you never thought about it? Well then, picture this. It's late at night, you're reading your book, slowly drifting off but you realise you forgot to close the curtains. Or let's try this... You love lazy weekend mornings and want to be awakened by gentle rays of the sun. Or perhaps you'd like to keep your rooms cool at the hottest time of the day? With an app on your phone, you can set a schedule for these moves and not think about it at all. The device will do whatever you tell it to do. The price of such convenience is surprisingly low, given that it can used for many years.

    Tailored to your interior

    The electric curtain track is equipped with tracks in lengths of 2 x 1 m, 1 x 0,5 m, 2 x 0,2 m, 1 x 0,1 m which makes it easy to adjust its length to your interior. With the remote control feature, you can cover your windows on your way home, and with the ability to set schedules, our curtain track will know when you're coming back to it.


    How can a curtain track affect the security of your home? It's simple! With the remote control feature, you can simulate your presence in your home from anywhere on earth - even on holiday. The device only needs WiFi access (2.4GHz).

    aplikacja appartme

    Following the spirit of technology, we created our own app, which allows you to control all our devices. You can comfortably manage your residential automation as well as your entire home, office, or apartment for rent. The Appartme app is completely free and intuitively easy to use - Android and iOS smartphone owners can use it. In order to match the most suitable solution to the specific customer, we are constantly changing our technologies.

    Comprehensive bundle

    The package includes:

    - curtain track motor,

    - mounting tracks,

    - track connectors,

    - adapters for pincer clips,

    - remote control,

    - instruction in Polish and English 

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    Wi-Fi Electric Curtain Track

    The WiFi Electric Curtain Track allows you to conveniently control your curtains with your smartphone or a dedicated remote control. With the app on your phone, you can also set a schedule for his movements.

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