Appartme means a Smart Home at your fingertips. With one mobile app you can manage your home regardless of whether you have already purchased an Appartme system or you are just getting started with Smart Home solutions.

Guaranteed connectivity for all protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zig Bee and other)

Personalised mobile app - you decide what is displayed on the screen

Functionality comes first - learn how to save energy and manage access to your home

Multiple systems in one app - we integrate different Smart Home providers into one intuitive application

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Appartme for developers

Appartme for the developer is the residential automation system installed by the developer in your apartment. It allows you to control heating, lighting, electrical sockets and optionally water valves. See moreZobacz więcej

Functionality comes first

With Appartme you can manage the most important elements of your apartment. Adjust lighting, manage heating, control electrical sockets. 

Symmetric cryptography provides high-level security and prevents unauthorized access to applications

Multiprotocol allows you to quickly and seamlessly add more devices to your application

Each of our devices is CE certified

Create zones and share access with other roommates